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Torre Pacheco, Murcia, España

Use our services for individuals and companies

We manage non-hazardous waste

Collection, classification, storage, grinding, washing and sale for reuse


Waste removal

Quickly and documented

Our waste removal service guarantees our clients the commitment that we have been forging for years to carry out all types of removals in the shortest possible time, as well as the availability of all the necessary documentation for the justification presented to the administration that they carry out the appropriate environmental management of the aforementioned waste, Waste Treatment Contract, Identification Documents on the transfer of waste, certificates…

furgoneta-Recogida Residuos

Container yard

At the customer’s premises for the temporary storage of plastic and cardboard waste

As experts of the difficulties involved in the commercial / industrial activity of many of our clients in relation to the storage and management of CARDBOARD and PLASTIC waste, which is required by Law 22/2011 and its subsequent update in RD 553/ 2020, we offer you the possibility of having our containers for storage of this waste with periodic removal/emptying carried out by our means.

Contenedor Cruz Plstic Global

Sale of recycled raw material

We classify, grind, wash and prepare the waste

We market, both locally and internationally, various products resulting from the processing of non-hazardous waste so that the companies that acquire them can reuse them in their production process and in this way giving a second life to those materials, creating recycled products, thereby contributing to the sustainability of the industry.

Plastico reciclado